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Chih Yunn Boyd

Chih Yunn Boyd is one of Australia’s most experienced chartered accountants. She brings unmatched expertise in accounting, taxation, self-managed super fund administration, auditing and accounting for charities and non-profit organisations. She is a sought-after consultant and trusted advisor to clients – some spanning more than 30 years.

Accounting and Taxation
With more than four decades of experience in New Zealand and Australia, and having worked in the Fairfield area since 1996, I’m proud to have led the team at Boyd & Associates since 2007. As a certified chartered accountant and registered tax agent, I offer clients the value of experience and expertise.

I welcome every opportunity to help clients improve their financial situation, whether it be refreshing their knowledge of tax legislation or identifying a better way to structure their business. When they are in financial crisis, I’m here to advise them through difficult times and find practical solutions to turn their circumstances around. For leaders of organisations, I help them understand their compliance responsibilities and the tax advantages they can benefit from.

To this day, I still find that the best results come from true client relationships. I invest in meeting with existing and new clients regularly so I can best understand their level of accounting and taxation knowledge and develop an accurate picture of where they are at. This becomes the foundation for sound, relevant advice. With clients from a diverse range of ethnic, social, business, language and age backgrounds, one thing stays the same – the joy of helping them succeed in their enterprises and personal finances while having the security of every base covered.

As Boyd & Associates has grown, we’ve never wavered in our commitment to delivering accurate work and excellent outcomes, turning our clients’ problems into answers and solutions. Their satisfaction speaks volumes. Whether it’s business or personal finances, our work demands integrity and honesty, and that’s why we aim to be trusted advisors in everything we do.

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