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Peter Boyd

Peter Boyd is a highly respected chartered accountant and Authorised Representative of InterPrac Financial Planning. He offers expertise in taxation, accounting and self-managed super funds and led the team’s expansion into financial planning, with a focus on investments and insurances. He joined Boyd & Associates after an impressive career as a Senior Accountant at Ernst & Young.

Accounting and Taxation Financial Planning

Two skills I have invested in over the years, that pay dividends in my work today, are the capacity to anticipate potential issues early and have them addressed, and the ability to understand a client’s needs and provide a tailored solution. I particularly enjoy working with clients who find it challenging to piece together their financial world and welcome the opportunity to sit down with them and explain, in plain English, what their options and best moves are. And it helps that I love numbers!

A significant part of our role is problem solving (under positive and trying circumstances). Helping clients who are struggling with their business cash flow or structure and giving them the direction to get on the right track again is immensely satisfying. In some cases, I’ve journeyed with a client from being a sole trader through to becoming a large, successful company. Being part of that success story is the reward. For other business leaders, it’s walking with them from financial debt to freedom from debt to profitability. For individuals with their financial planning, it’s encouraging them to make decisions now that will influence a positive future – like getting appropriate insurance cover or making the right investment strategies – so they and future generations can benefit.

Value creation comes from relationships every time. With clients, it’s sitting down with them, listening to their concerns, presenting ideas and then working with them to make it all happen. Then, with our own team, it’s the joy of working with my family. We may be the exception, but we truly enjoy working together, making business decisions as a team and sharing our complementary expertise to make a measurable difference for our clients.

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