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Financial Planning

Investments, superannuation and insurances are key areas that can create and protect wealth. To best capitalise on these, we take a holistic view to financial planning, working closely with you to balance short and long-term objectives and set a strong foundation for your future.

Our financial planning services

Our financial planning services address areas such as:

  • Investment strategies and portfolios
  • Superannuation structures including retail superannuation investments
  • Self-managed super fund setups and management
  • Personal insurances (life, total and permanent disability, trauma and income protection)

How can we help you

We can help you take control of your finances and investments by defining a financial plan that is tailored to your circumstances and based on your specific wealth creation goals. You gain the insight of a qualified financial planner who will look at your wealth protection and wealth creation options to give you absolute confidence in your choices, and your future…to achieve your objectives. The long-term nature of investments, superannuation and insurances often make it difficult to decide when and where to start, and how much to start with. Our team is here to help you make smart decisions today that can have a positive impact on your future wealth.


We work with our clients to explore a range of options and develop a strong investment strategy tailored to each person’s preferred levels of risk and return and their optimal time commitment. Some seek us out to help them consolidate their portfolio and take control of their investments. Others are simply looking for smart investment ideas. We can provide responsible advice and support so you can achieve your investment goals.


Superannuation, including self-managed super funds, is a huge area of opportunity for individuals and yet is often seen as simply an administrative nuisance. Your superannuation provides an avenue to strengthen your investments and increase your future ‘nest egg’. This includes the opportunity to convert your traditional superannuation into a self-managed super fund so you can best control your investments – your way. We look at all aspects of your life circumstances, from your age to your preferred risk levels to your family circumstances and more, to provide sound advice and a solid way forward.


Insurances are important avenues for protecting your assets, income and overall wealth. They also offer protection to those you care about – whether business partners or family members. We work with you to define the insurances that make the most sense for your circumstances so you aren’t paying more than you need to, but are still protecting your wealth, particularly in the event your income stream ceases for any reason.

Why work with us

We provide a service with no allegiance to any financial institutions or insurance companies. We’re solely here to work in your best interests via fee-for-service work. We leverage a wide range of investment options, platforms and portfolios…and our passion for investment…for your benefit. We start by thoroughly analysing your financial situation, needs and goals, and then work closely with you through a step-by-step process to map and deliver your financial strategy.

If you are only looking for financial planning services, we can deliver those. However, we can wrap these services into our wider offer including accounting, taxation and mortgage broking support so your complete financial picture is covered through one team, working to your advantage. From face-to-face meetings at your home or office through to remote service delivery, we work as suits you best.

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For more information on our financial planning services, please contact Peter Boyd, an Authorised Representative of InterPrac Financial Planning, today.

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